The last step is to seal the envelope. The Romans were the first, starting in the 16th century, to use red wax to seal letters, and in addition to being able to verify that the envelope has been opened, the seal also offers a touch of elegance. Now you can customize your seal with the design and shade you want, but you can also opt for one of our designs (with love, peony, magnolia, rosemary, tree, crown, feather and heart)


     Once you've chosen the type of paper/board your graphic design will be printed on, you'll now choose the envelope. If you have opted for handmade paper, then an envelope made from handmade paper with the same texture and shade can be an excellent choice, but you can also opt for the standard, cardboard envelopes below. These being, however, much more suitable for cotton cardboard.

All shades below are available for cotton paper, however, only shades marked with * are available for handmade printed invitations.


       We know that your biggest challenge right now is to create a wedding invitation with a design that expresses elegance and sophistication so that your loved ones are impressed. The good news is that you are in the right place. We are delighted to work with people like you because we too love elegance, simplicity and above all quality materials. We now want to offer you some useful tips that will help you create the most beautiful invitation:



      The most important thing we should realize is that the look of an invitation will create a first impression in the minds of your guests about the event they are about to attend. If the invitation offered is an elegant one, he will surely think that the event will be one to match and vice versa. Coco Chanel said that simplicity is the key to true elegance, so we advise you to opt for a design as delicate as possible that is not loaded with many graphic elements or a lot of text. The place, date and time of the event are the first things we look for when looking at an invitation. No one wants to have to read a lot of text just to find out these details.



     After you have decided what the text of the invitation will be, you have to decide on the materials and accessories you want, and here we can't help but recommend the handmade paper (made by hand from recycled paper) with unfinished edges that give the design a lush look, but , cotton cardboard can also be a very good choice:




Invitatii de nunta cu design personalizat
Invitatii de nunta cu design personalizat